Living large

On Cherokee Lake an interesting swing is underway in the smallmouth versus largemouth choices of fishing. That is due to the changing weather conditions. The temperature is warming, the sun is shining and another weather system is on the way.

Yesterday we heard the smallmouth anglers voice concern over their patterns holding through tomorrow, or even Saturday. Today we are seeing the proof. Our on-water photographers are reporting that more boats are leaving the lower end of the lake. The migration of anglers is headed north and into areas with shallower, dingy water that attracts largemouth on this otherwise clear, deep lake. That trend is likely to continue tomorrow, as the weather swings in the more favorable direction of the largemouth anglers.

Today’s weigh-in will tell all. What will be interesting to see is the ratio of smallmouth to largemouth, when compared to yesterday. What else will be confirming about the swing will be the overall catch.