Livesay's lesson learned

Lee Livesay has proved to be a force on the Bassmaster Elite Series over the last three seasons, but fishing in the northern part of the country has not been his strong suit. After two sub 60 place finishes in New York last season, the Texan stayed in New York and fished to learn more about fishing these infamous fisheries. That decision is paying off in 2021. 

The two-time Elite Series champion is currently sitting inside the Top 10 on BassTrakk with plenty of room to upgrade. 

"It taught me that there’s fish everywhere here, if I’m not catching big ones that I needed to keep moving,” said Livesay when asked what he learned from last season. “Just to fish is what it really taught me. I really love this lake.”

The more comfortable Livesay gets up north, the more he will contend for an Angler of the Year title in the future. He’s currently sitting in seventh place in Angler of the Year race.