Livesay’s bridge pattern

Just like he said, Lee Livesay is spending all his time on a bridge near the weigh-in, literally making a continuous circle around the outermost piers nearest the Coosa River channel. To those piers he is casting a spinnerbait. 

Yesterday, Livesay told me he would stay here, try to grind out a couple of keepers, then make a run, and get set up on his quality bite when (and if) Alabama Power generates at either of the dams to the north and south. 

So far, Livesay is in a better position than he planned. With 4 keepers in the livewell, his weight is 7 pounds, 3 ounces. His goal is a limit weighing in the 13-pound range. 

Meanwhile, there is another notable storyline developing. BASSTrakk shows Gerald Swindle in 7th with 5 pounds. What’s noteworthy about it is that Swindle is the sport’s self-proclaimed best junk fishing junky of them all, confirming what we believed to be the most common pattern in play.