Livesay’s long-range gamble

Lee Livesay, 8th place (29-6)

Lee Livesay, who entered Championship Sunday in eighth place made a big gamble with huge payoff potential by running to the Trinity River.

Known for higher quality fish than most have found in the Sabine River and its connected waterways, the Trinity’s distance will severely limit Livesay’s fishing time. But fireworks can happen quickly and he’s clearly looking to add another blue trophy to the one he claimed last year on Lake Chickamauga.

Livesay completed the 110-mile run to the Trinity River by about 8:40 — including a fuel stop in Crystal Beach. From there, he had about 15 more miles to his prime areas past the lock.

Livesay said he ran 77 mph through the Intracoastal Waterway, but faced rough water through East Bay and Trinity Bay.

He noted that the water level had dropped about 6 feet since practice, but he believes that could make the main river spots more productive.