Livesay: “Oh my God, what a bass!”

Lee Livesay continues to work his magic on a magic Lake Fork. When another big bass blew up on his topwater lure, Livesay was praying it stayed hooked up. When he saw it was barely hooked in the nose, he prayed even harder. There was no horsing this fish. And when he finally landed it, Livesay could only say, over and over and over, “Oh my God, what a bass!”

It was a beautiful pre-spawn largemouth weighing 8 pounds, 14 ounces. To give you an idea of how good a day Livesay is having, that’s his third-biggest fish today. His best five, weighing 38-6, are now as follows: 9-2, 8-15, 8-14, 7-7 and 4-1.

Almost everyone thought it would take a 30-pound bag to win today. Livesay’s got almost three hours to top 40 pounds with a big cull of that “little” 4-pounder in his limit.