Let’s get lowdown from Dr. Bass

A quick search of Knoxville and bass comes up with Dr. Bass.

He sounds like he’d have the lowdown on the Tennessee River fish the anglers will be chasing this week. Probably no one sounds more authoritative on the topic than Dr. Bass, who’s famous past Knoxville.

Wait. What? Got that wrong, eh.

William Marvin Bass III, who turns 90 this August, is a forsenic anthropologist who has researched osteology and human decomposition. The former professor at the University of Tennessee who founded the program has assisted law enforcement in identification of human remains.

His facility here is known as “The Body Farm,” which inspired Patricia Cornwell to author a book by the same name. Bass calls it “Death’s Acre,” the title of his book on his life and career, and he’s co-authored numerous fictional books on the grim topic.

Retired but an in-demand resource, Dr. Bass is tough to get in touch with and is said to charge for interviews.

No word on if he fishes or not.