Lester's turn

As everyone predicted the BASSTrakk leader has changed again. This time it's Brandon Lester's turn. Someone else might be at the top before I even finish typing this blog post.

The reason is the higher the sun gets the more it concentrates the bass on isolated cover. Lester is focusing on that, with a twist. Late yesterday the forecast called for northerly winds gusting to 18 mph. Talk of a cancelled Day 2 swirled around like the wind. Lester fished like he wouldn't be going out today.

Yesterday this is what he told me at the weigh-in.

"I went ahead can caught everything I could from a given spot. I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to get back to the same areas on Day 2."

He wasn't worried about conserving any fish for later in the tournament, either.

"There are so many fish in here, and I feel like there are always fish moving around looking for a place to hold when the sun gets up high."

Good observation that is panning out now.

"First thing in the morning the smallmouth are scattered. Later in the day they concentrate on isolated pieces of structure."

Lester has a milk run of those isolated pieces of structure and he is making the most of it right now.