Lester is back

Brandon Lester is riding the momentum of a great year going into the final two days of the season. When evaluating an Elite Series anglers success we too often just limit their championship appearances only with the Elite events. So far, Lester has four Championship Sunday appearances in the Elite Series. But he also has a Championship Saturday appearance in a Basspro.com Bassmaster Open, and a championship round appearance at the Classic held in Knoxville, Tenn. Add them all up and his year has been phenomenal.

And now here he is again. Lester chose to spend his entire tournament in the St. Clair River, doing what he does best. That is targeting riverine smallmouth, just like he does back home on the likes of the Tennessee River impoundments in northern Alabama, near his home in Fayetteville, Tenn. Here, he has a shallow and deep bite going. A key area is a point bordered by river channels on both sides, with an overall depth of 40 feet.

“They slide up on that point to feed,” he said. “It’s a perfect spot to reload.”

That’s a good thing, and he’ll need it on Tuesday. As for baits, nothing special there. He is rotating through a drop shot, Ned rig and swimbait.

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