Late morning with Pipkens

It’s 11am and Chad Pipkens has one fish in the boat that he caught earlier this morning. That one fish was a suspended fish caught on a crankbait. Since then, the bite has turned off but Pipkens isn’t worried. He knows the bite gets somewhat better as the day goes on. 

What he has done so far today is expand his arsenal. He is giving the fish a lot to look at in hopes of hooking up with another bite. With 12 rods out on the deck now, the Suzuki Bass Cat Pro is in full fledge junk fishing mode. 

One thing about Pipkens is he is relaxed and poised. He’s taken several breaks today to sit down and quickly sharpen his crankbait hooks which he says, is “extremely important.”

Pipkens is expecting the bite to be tougher today. He says he will not be surprised to see more zero’s today and less limits.