The language of practice day

The language of practice day is different as well. All these guys are doing their best to keep any secrets to themselves.

We just rolled up on Brock Mosley. As is usual with folks on the water the pleasantries begin with “you catching anything?”

Typically you never get a straight answer on any day. It’s even more veiled in practice.

The answer to my question started simply, “Nah,” Mosely said but followed it up with. “Not put anything in the boat yet.”

There is a lot of ways to read that. The simplest is he’s having a tough day, move on nothing to see here.

The truth is Mosley is getting bites. He’s just not catching them. As normal I hear the language all the time. I pressed harder. And he verified that bites were coming at a good pace.

In the first 20 minutes of shadowing him, he had 5 of those bites that never made it to the boat. I of course shamed him into landing one.

It actually came in the boat and weighed 5-1.

Maybe he should have spoken a different language. And we would have left him alone.