Lake Hartwell's funk continues

The words "funk" and "funky" were mentioned several times by anglers before this tournament began in describing the state of bass fishing on Lake Hartwell. The cold front earlier this week and fluctuating water levels seemed to have the bass "in limbo," as Patrick Walters said.

There were expectations that the funk would end with the warming weather. And it well may, but it didn't happen Thursday when 17,000 cubic feet per second of water was released from the dam for 20 hours and Lake Hartwell dropped three inches.

"They were pulling water and in some of those shallow beds where bigger females had pulled up in the shallow sand, they were gone," said Hank Cherry, who finished tied for second place with 17-9. "I had 10 beds to choose from (Thursday) morning, and they were all gone. During practice they were in a foot of water or less. The beds were still beautiful there, but no bass. I don't know if they backed off until the weather or the water stabilizes. I'm not sure."