KVD with four

I'm just learning that KVD only has 4 in the well. He threw his biggest, a 3-pounder, back fearing it would die.

He hooked the fish in the tongue. By releasing it, that allows that fish a better chance of survival. It also provides a situation where we see KVD making a big gamble.

Two days ago he had a fish expire in his livewell and it didn't allow him to cull up. Bassmaster doesn't allow the culling of a dead fish.

If that fish hadn't expired KVD would have been able to cut into Connell's lead. He doesn't want to take that chance today.

He has to have an above-average stringer to win. A 3-pounder that expires becomes a 2 3/4 pounder with deductions at weigh in. Plus it wouldn't be able to. E replaced for a guy who is hoping for 18 or better today.

That decision will be interesting to watch as the day progresses. At the least, it tells us KVD is confident of catching the type fish that would replace a 3-pounder.