Junking it up

This morning when I taped BASSCam videos one thing really stood out. That was piles of rods on the front decks of the boats.

Patrick Walters had 20 rods—10 on each side of the deck—rigged and ready for action.

“For this tournament, you can never have enough rods,” he said. “It’s kind of like women’s shoes.”

Walters said he plans to catch fish shallow, deep and in between.

“The fish are feeding on small baitfish, the water is falling, and it’s really hot for September,” added Brandon Cobb. “You’ve got to move with the fish every day because the falling water is preventing them from moving up on the bank.”

As he said that I counted about 18 rods on the front deck.

“Yeah, I’m going junk fishing until I can eliminate some of these rigs.”

And yeah, with 7 pounds leading this derby at 9 a.m., it stands to reason why throwing everything you’ve got at them explains why this will be a junk fishing event. Until of course, tomorrow comes when the weather turns cloudy and rainy.