Johnston has an Elite observer

Seth Feider finished 25th on Day 3 at Lake Pickwick. He’s probably going to be ranked second in Angler of the Year points when this tournament becomes final today. But Feider’s mind hasn’t shifted to the next event yet. He’s back on the water this morning, shown here watching his pal Cory Johnston fishing the boat dock that has put him in contention for the title.

Yes, that’s within the rules for another Elite Series angler to be observing after he’s eliminated from competition, provided he doesn’t make a cast or provide any information to any other competitors today. Feider double-checked the rules before venturing out. That’s Feider at the trolling motor. Pat Renwick of the “Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television Show” is believed to be one of the other rain-suited observers. The others are unknown.