John Crews working patiently

John Crews is working a rounded point off the side of a creek. There are scattered Salt Cedars sticking up like whale bones and he is hitting each one of them by pitching a drop bait. It appears to be soft plastic, but the profile we are seeing it could easily be a jig as well.
He's taking his time, which seems to be a key for all these guys. He will move in shallow and then zig zag back to the deeper trees.
"The deeper trees are much more inconsistent," he said. "But if you can get a bite out here, it's the right one."
He believes there are a lot if fish spawning in the area, but not all of them, which makes all these targets important.
It's still cool here from the front that blew through yesterday. The wind is light at the moment and it's classic post-frontal high skies.