John Cox has a new look

John Cox surprised everyone this morning when he arrived with blonde hair. The last time we saw John his hair was dark brown. It turns out the new look was all part of being a good dad.

The story began when Savannah, Cox's 12-year-old daughter, decided she wanted to dye her dark, curly locks blonde. Cox felt like that was a terrible idea. As they discussed it Cox said, "How bout I do it so you can see how bad it looks."

And he did. When Savannah saw Cox's new blonde hair, she too decided it was a terrible idea. Mission accomplished.

Cox figured he would just cut it all off. "But I got to thinking about it and figured if I do poorly at St. Johns, what am I going to change? I can cut off the hair. But if I do well, then the blonde hair may be a good luck charm."

Follow along at the AFTCO Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River to see whether the blonde hair stays or goes!