It’s crazy!

Once again I find myself using my column to write about the horrible violence our country has suffered. This time it was inflicted on the men and women in Boston, as well as the kids, who were involved in the Boston Marathon. It’s pretty bad when a bunch of people can’t get together and run a race without being bombed.

We’re in the kind of situation that’s almost incomprehensible. What kind of person would kill innocent people they don’t even know? What’s in their mind? A guy has to ask questions like that. The whole thing is crazy.

I’ll tell you what, we need to get back to the values that our country was founded on. God has blessed us for over 200 years. We might want to keep that in mind.

Now, let’s talk about fishing. I’m at Bull Shoals. The weather is great, the water is clear and the fish are biting, at least the little ones that have moved in, up against the bank. I’m hoping that the bigger ones move up over the next few days. But, if they don’t, someone will find them, no matter where they’re hiding.

I think I have a pretty good start in that I think I know a little bit about what the fish are doing and what they’re going to do over the next week. Of course, that’s in no way a guarantee. I’ve thought that before and been surprised — more than once in my career. This is about fishing. That’s different than catching, you know.

The only thing that could affect the way we’re fishing — that I can see right now, anyway — is the cold front that’s supposed to move in. That might change things up and make the fishing a little bit more difficult. Otherwise, it’ll be full speed ahead.

I love these kinds of tournaments. They’re good for the anglers because we can catch fish. The challenge is to catch the right ones. That’s what bass fishing is all about at this level. And they’re good for the fans for the same reasons. There’s plenty of action and excitement. I guarantee you it won’t get boring.

This will be a good one so if you get the chance come on out and watch. If you can’t make it in person, make sure you follow all the action on You won’t regret it.

That’s about all I have to say other than I ask everyone to pray for the people who were affected by the bombs in Boston and to pray for our country. I don’t mean to keep talking about this but we all know things just aren’t right. I’m an American. I want this country to succeed and to be safe, and not just for me. Our kids and grandkids, mine and yours, have a right to live the way we have.

Hopefully, next week we’ll be able to talk about something more positive, something like all the big fish I caught at Bull Shoals.

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