Incredible hour

The 9 o’clock hour has been incredible. Virtually all the top 10 anglers are catching fish consistently.

That hasn’t been entirely out of character for these anglers or this lake. It’s just for a 30-minute span, when the standings were jumping around a lot of weight was coming aboard,

For instance, seven of the top 10 Toyota Tundra Big Bass for the day were caught from 9:05 a.m., until 9;23 a.m.

Topping that list was a 7-10 by Jeff Gustafson, then it just rolls down the list with 5- and 6-pound fish. If that is the kick-off we are in for one helluva game for the next 6 hours. Yesterday, from this point, the big fish bite just got better.

Most of the big bites, like Cobb’s 11-1, came much later. It’s scary to think what could happen the rest of the day.