I spy...a bait

What the heck is a spy bait? It’s not a Spy Bait, as in a brand.

At the ramp this morning I approached leader Kevin VanDam about sharing details for the Lures of the Top 12 photo gallery.

“Let’s wait until weigh in” was his reply.

I also spy a clue. Mark Zona on LIVE has eluded that KVD and some other top anglers are using a “spy bait.” Like KVD, the Z Train was secretive about the details.

Something’s up here. There is a lure and technique specifically designed for “spybaiting,” which is a new Japanese technique.

Spy baiting requires light line, a long distance cast, and a sinking style bait that can be crawled back to the boat. It takes patience and refinement.

The Japanese-born tactic also has a bait specifically designed for the technique. It is the Duo Realis Spinbait 80. The manufacturer claims the compact body casts extremely far and provides a heavy rolling action, even on a slow retrieve. Built with an internal ballast, the Duo Realis Spinbait 80 stays deeper for a longer period of time than a traditional prop bait. It also sinks on the pause with a tight wobble action. The props add another element of attraction by producing a strong pulsing as they whiz through the water.

Is Strike King about to release a spy bait? My guess is that if KVD wins that it’ll be out soon, very soon.