‘I found the party bed!’

Chad Pipkens was working a little pocket when he spotted three big bass in the 3 to 5 pound range. He was so excited he was shaking. “That’s a party bed!” he said. Cast number one in their vicinity didn’t go well. He broke off. “That was a mental error, I should have retied,” he said. But a few casts later he caught “the medium one,” which he called 3-4. In it’s mouth he found the hook he lost minutes before. Then a few minutes later he caught “the small one,” a 3-pounder, and then one he didn’t plan on in the 2-12 range. Pipkens has used a dropshot on one and some kind of bug, or crawdad on the other two. “Three fish off one bed, that has never happened in my life,” he said. Now he’s after, “the giant.” He’s in third place in BASSTrakk with 14 pounds.