A humbling sport

Kentucky Lake was a dismal event for me. It was especially disappointing because it's one of my favorite lakes. I love to ledge fish and most of the big bags were coming from the north end of the lake and I had a bite in the south, so it was one of those decisions where I zigged and the fish zagged.

The hardest part about this past event is that it puts me out of Classic contention. I've made 13 Classics altogether, and about nine in a row, so this is especially disheartening. Bass fishing is a humbling sport. I don't care who you are or how much you fish, fishing gives you doses of humility like few other things can. That's why it's important to me to make sure your life is grounded in something other than success in fishing. These are the times when you rely on your faith and take notice of the things that are really important in life. I'm here with a part of my family, and that's the most important thing.

That being said, we're going to regroup and head to Oklahoma to tackle the Arkansas River. When we get there, I have to wash the boat out. I caught so many Kentucky Lake bass that there is blood all over the boat. I'm in bad need of a pressure washer.

We'll have a little time once we get there, so we're going to let my daughter Kristen decide what she wants to do. I think she has her eye on a Japanese steakhouse.

It's going to be a complete shift of tackle because we're going from deep water gear to shallow water gear. It'll be a switch from lighter line to heavier line, but I have an extra day to do it! That's enough on the tournament side of things.

I talked to Little Alton today, he's taking five hours this summer semester at the local community college. He's taking a a geology class he really likes. However, it's a lot of work. He also got into a gold PE class thinking it'd be an easy A, but there are eight written tests and a few on-the-course tests, and it's just an hour-long class! Not exactly what he was hoping for. He'll also be fishing a tournament this Saturday at Lake Belton, I'll report back on that in the next edition.

Oh, I'd like to mention one other thing. I did get to see something pretty cool the other day. Some representatives from Bethel University were at the weigh-in with their new athletic recruits. The cool thing about it is that they are receiving scholarships to join the fishing team! They're one of the first universities I'm aware of that's actually offering scholarships for the fishing team. Four young men were signing athletic commitment contracts. They have bass fishing classes that go over deep cranking, ledge fishing, just bass fishing in general! It's really cool. I thinks Little Alton would be hard pressed to leave Texas, but he may want to take a look at Bethel after all.