Hudnall's omen

“The clock is right.”

And with that comment Derek Hudnall scored with a largemouth weighing 5 pounds, 14 ounces. Thirteen minutes before he scored with a 6-3.

If timing is everything this week then it is swinging in favor of Hudnall, whose fish turn on about now. Those shoreline bass are falling victim to a spinnerbait.

Hudnall went from ninth to 30th and then back up to 14th on the scoreboard.

What this means is once again, anything can happen here. And when it does it can be big. All Hudnall wants to do is get back inside the Top 10 to fish on Championship Monday.

“Tick, tock, tick tock,” he said. “Patience matters.”

Indeed it does and there is plenty of time remaining on the clock.