How to add an insert to tungsten weights

The advantages to weights made of Tungsten include the size and hardness of the weights. When comparing a lead weight and Tungsten weight of the same weight the Tungsten weight is significantly smaller. The smaller size makes the weight less visible to the fish and gives it the ability to get through rocks and other cover without hang-ups easier. Another advantage of a Tungsten weight is Tungsten is harder and allows for more feel by the angler. Since its introduction to the fishing market, anglers everywhere have found Tungsten weights to be a far superior product to their lead-based predecessors. 

Unfortunately, along with the advantages provided by Tungsten weights comes one disadvantage: The denser and harder Tungsten is also much harder on fishing line, especially fluorocarbon line. I believe that more fish are lost on Tungsten because of the hardness of the material than were ever lost on lead based weights. Even the weights that claim to be insert-free and fray-free will cause breakoffs. There is a simple solution no matter which Tungsten weights you choose to use. By adding a shrink tube sleeve insert to the weight you can provide a soft buffer between the Tungsten and the line. This is very important for all lines, but especially fluorocarbon. 

In the video below, I describe how to add a shrink tube insert into any Tungsten weight. This is fast and easy, and will last for hundreds of fish. Add inserts to your Tungsten weights and get more fish in the boat.

Items needed:  Tungsten weight, 1/8 inch or smaller shrink tubing, scissors, lighter or torch.



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