Hole hoppin’ with Zaldain

Chris Zaldain started off the event’s opening round with a solid limit that had him in the Top 5. And based on yesterday’s BASSTrakk numbers, the bite was most productive early in the day.

Things are different this morning however: Overcast and a little bit warmer. With water clarity like this, darker conditions make the fish less wary, but may also push the feeding window to later in the morning.

Theoretically, of course.

Zaldain has hit several spots so far, not giving any of them more than 5 to 10 minutes each. He’s looking for active feeders.

Much like smallmouth bass, spotted bass feed in schools, which means if you can get one to eat, that may fire up the rest of the school and you can load the boat very quickly.

He’s working his way down the lake, checking spots along the way. So far his efforts have yielded him a fine 3-plus-pounder.

Gotta run, he just yanked up the trolling motor again. Stay tuned.

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