High water mark at Sabine - 16 lbs.

In now 15 days of Elite Series competition at the Sabine River, 16 pounds is the high water mark of achievement. In the three previous four-day tournaments here, plus three days this year, the 16-pound mark has been topped only three times. Todd Faircloth did it with 16-8 when he won in 2013. Both Greg Hackney (16-3) and Steve Kennedy (16-5) did it in 2018 when Hackney won. In 2015, big bag of the tournament was 15-10 by both Chris Lane, who won it, and John Crews, who finished 6th. Brock Mosley matched that when he took the lead on Day 1 this week.

All that is to point out what’s reasonably possible in today’s final. We saw the other side of the possibilities yesterday when the two tournament leaders, Jason Christie and Brock Mosley, weighed the two lightest bags of today’s 10 finalists, 6-12 and 6-14, respectively. There have been enough of these 10th place to 1st place winners on Day 4 the past two years on the Elite Series to know anything is possible. Drew Cook was the last man in today’s final. He trails Christie by 6-11.

This will be interesting.