Hartman: I'll be back to this dock

Jamie Hartman just spent about 40 minutes fishing one dock, probing many spots from different angles, with no results. This is a spot that has been very, very good to him this week. Not today. At least not yet. 
“When the sun is straight up and the shadows are directly below the dock, I’ve been able to hammer em here,” he said. “But they didn’t bite for me here today.
“Yesterday I was throwing a plastic worm right up to the dock and they wouldn’t bite. Then I switched to a little baby brush hog and they bit right away. It was a natural color, green pumpkin with a blue fleck. They hate that thing. 
“I’ll be coming back to this spot later today.”
Hartman is now sitting in 6th place with five fish for 13-13. 
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