Goodbye Sweet Evi

"Whisper words of wisdom … "

I can only write this, in a whisper.

Evangelia "Evi" Haseotes, has left us.

The infant daughter of Elite Angler Byron Haseotes and his wife Tiffany.

Evi … the child in The Gift.

" … when I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me … "

As soon as we get more details from the family we will pass them on, but tonight I will hug my son and hold him for an extra second or two, I will walk into my daughter's old room and hold her pillow … and if you have children, you should do the same.

And then I will take to a knee, and alone in the dark, I will ask Mother Mary to take Evi's hand, and sing her a song …

… a song about eternal love.

Goodbye sweet Evi.

You will be missed.

You will always be loved.

" … speaking words of wisdom … "

Let It Be

The Beatles


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