Gleason running and gunning

Andy Crawford is following Darold Gleason, who is in the hunt today for two targets that are one in the same. The first is to catch quality fish and the second is for those to boost his weight in the Falcon Rods Angler of the Year points. So far, so good. BASSTrakk shows him in fourth place with only two bass, but those weigh 2 pounds apiece, which seems to be a good average weight, given the conditions. 

Going into today, Gleason is second in the Central points standings with 540 points, or just seven points behind leader Jason Christie. The top four anglers from the Central Division will get invitations to the 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series. Gleason intends to accept the invitation. 

For now, it's all about the grind underway on Lewisville Lake. Gleason has a pattern in play, and it involves a milk run to specific shoreline targets that are protected from the wind. 

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