Fritts fishing with antiques

If someone asked who is the most prolific crankbait fisherman on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour, 99% of fans will tell you it's David Fritts. Fritts has been fishing Bassmaster events since 1991. While he has never won on Champlain, he has one fourth-place finish and three appearances in the top 10. Outside of Rick Clunn, Fritts has fished this lake more than any other angler currently on tour.

As I interviewed Fritts, something interesting in the background caught my eye. Sitting next to his new Lowrance LIVE was an Eagle flasher that was made back in the 1980s. I asked Fritts about it, and he said, “It’s brand new out of the box.” I asked him how many more he had at home and he said, “Nine more, but only one more in the box.”

I was curious why he was using an electronics setup that was considered to be an antique. He explained that, when you are fishing lakes with shallow grass, new technology has a hard time finding the holes. That is what Fritts is keying on this week.

I told Fritts, if he wins this week, I want a lesson on reading antique flashers.

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