Fritts catching in the distance

Harvey Horne has yet to catch another since his first. But David Fritts, who is about 300 yards away has been catching a few.

He’s far enough away we only see him every once in a while. But in the last 10 minutes we’ve seen Fritts swing two fish into the boat.

He’s interesting to watch. Because he sits down in the chair in his deck old-school style. He doesn’t stand up to swing the fish either.

Once the fish is in the boat he switches to the passenger seat and it’s hard to see if he puts the fish in the well or back in the lake.

Regardless he’s getting bit. The old school sitting style has its merits. That’s a big thing for cranking guys in the North Carolina area. By having a fixed position in the boat, he knows he can repeat a cast or be more accurate to his target.

Since Fritts is known for his cranking ability, it obviously works. But you can see him a long way off and know exactly who it is.