Zaldain: Fish to win

Chris Zaldain’s prophetic statement to me before the Classic is coming into view as realty.

“I’ve never been to the Classic fishery and didn’t get to pre-practice, so I’m going to do one thing, and that is fish to win.”

That is a bold predication to make, but Zaldain has the backing of coming off a second place finish last month on Lake Lanier.

There, as he is doing on the Tennessee River, means to fish his strengths. Those are applying his skills using a variety of Megabass swimbaits, including the Spark Shad.

“Its a big bass bait and that is what I want to catch this week,” he explained. “I don’t care if all I get are five bites, because if I do those fish will be five quality fish in the livewell.”

So far so good. Zaldain made a big move into seventh place.