First place has been shaky ground

One week after Brandon Cobb took the lead and stayed there all four days at Lake Hartwell, we're seeing an entirely different scenario at Winyah Bay, where there’s been a new leader each day. Jason Williamson took the lead on Day 1, and fell to 4th on Day 2 when Bill Lowen took the top spot. Lowen fell out of the top 10 into 12th place on Day 3 when Stetson Blaylock took the lead.

It's not surprising that this tidal fishery has produced so many up and downs in the standings each day. Maybe it's an indication that anyone in today's top 10 has a shot at the title. If you want to put your money on the hottest angler this week, that would be Koby Kreiger, who started in 34th place, jumped to 14th Friday and starts today in 4th place.

The following is a look at the top 10 and where each angler was in the standings each day:

                                    Day 1   Day 2

1. Stetson Blaylock      11th     6th

2. Cory Johnston         13th     9th

3. Clent Davis              5th       11th

4. Koby Kreiger           34th     14th

5. John Crews             10th     19th

6. Luke Palmer            3rd       2nd

7. Jason Williamson   1st       4th

8. Scott Canterbury     9th       26th

9. Jesse Tacoronte      15th     5th

10. Patrick Walters     12th     15th