Feider’s new-found maturity

Our Angler of the Year leader Seth Feider just made a big jump in BassTrakk, landing a 5-pounder and moving from 33rd place to 9th here at Lake Champlain.

He now has five fish for 15 pounds, 8 ounces today. 

This is Feider’s seventh season as an Elite Series pro and he has displayed some maturity this year that is likely a big factor in his stellar season. With the pressure of leading AOY for much of the year, some guys start to unravel. That has not been the case for Feider. His secret may be something he told Humminbird recently.

“This year a lot of chances are going my way. I think it’s because I’m letting them come to me instead of chasing them down.”

That’s a very similar statement to what you’ll hear from NFL players who cross the bridge from good to great. They learn how to let the game come to them, rather than trying to force things. 

It’s going to be fun to see if Feider can keep his cool here in the home stretch of the 2021 Elite season.