Feider on the hunt

We just caught up with Seth Feider after a 20-minute run down the lake. He needed some solitude after sharing water with a group of anglers for the morning.

“The weights are gonna go down today,” he said. “Too many were caught on that flat yesterday and I spent too much time there this morning. But we’re going to jack em up this afternoon.”

He explained that sun and climbing temps only makes his pattern better. He’s sitting with a little over 16 pounds at the moment, and as we literally idled up to start work on my gallery, he caught a 4-pounder to cull out a 2-pounder.

The renowned smallmouth technician is at home flipping a big jig into the grass—exactly the way he learned how to do it on his home waters of Lake Minnetonka.

“When I looked at this year’s schedule, I knew my best shot at winning one was at Cayuga in August,” he said. “Even if I don’t win this one, I’m going to be in it.

“It’s going down today.”

He just dropped another 4-pounder in the well.