Feast or famine for Christie

You were shocked if you watched Jason Christie catch so many small bass yesterday on "Bassmaster LIVE," then end up with the fifth-place bag of 19-8. It was a feast or famine day for Christie in terms of the size he caught.

"My best five weighed 19 pounds, and my next five would have weighed 12," Christie said. "I just don't know how many are there. I leaned on them pretty good. I thought the average fish would be bigger."

Christie is leaning on them even harder today. BASSTrakk indicates he's caught 24 bass with a best five weighing 10-8. I'd be surprised if he doesn't have more weight than that, but he still needs some significant upgrades. Two of his keepers came early yesterday, but three were caught late.

"I think with the sun getting higher and everything calming down a little bit, they went to biting," Christie. "But I don't have a clue. Everybody that watched 'LIVE' saw how tough of a day I had, and I finished with 19 pounds."

Christie is still waiting for that big bite to turn on again this afternoon.