Elvis has left the building

Mike Elkins and I had put the boat on the trailer and were headed back to Muskegon. We looked down on the water as we crossed the White Lake bridge in Whitehall, and there was Hank Cherry, fishing a shallow area covered in lily pads next to a city park. He was throwing a frog. So we stopped and had one more visit with him today.

"What's the matter, you get tired of catching those smallmouth?," I asked.

"Just thought I'd  come up here and see if I could catch a big green one," Cherry said.

We didn't see him do that. He's obviously confident in what he's already caught. The launch/takeout site is within trolling motor distance of where Cherry was fishing.

He confirmed that he was catching those smallmouth in the deep water off the breakline at Dowie Point. Most were suspended. He said he caught one over 50 feet deep.

Quite a capper of a day for the 2013 Rookie of the Year.