Early start for Wendlandt

It’s 6:30 and Texas pro Clark Wendlandt just put his third keeper in the livewell. None of them very big, but a good start. Yesterday’s 22-pound limit has him in fourth place, but within easy reach of the lead if his pattern holds.

He’s set up on what I’d guess to be a brushpile. He’s made repeated casts to the exact same spot, and picking it apart thoroughly.

Today’s conditions are pretty different; seems cooler and the wind is certainly stronger, which could absolutely impact fishing times for the guys plying the southern end of Lake Eufaula.

This lake is notorious for being extremely productive one day, and a dead sea the next. Adaptability is critical to success here, and you should expect shakeups on BASSTrakk and the official leaderboard by the end of the day.

Hopefully for Wendlandt, though, the big ones keep biting.