The eagle flies on Thursday this week

The Elite Series eagle flies on Thursday this week. It’s Day 2, when the 109-angler field will be cut to the top 51 anglers after today’s weigh-in. Normally that cut comes on Friday.

There’s another significant difference: The Toyota Texas Bass Fest $1 million total purse. Unlike in regular-season Elite Series events, when only those making the two-day cut get a check, everyone goes home with some money from this one.

But it’s still financially important to make the cut. Here’s the payout based on order of finish for this tournament. Not to be overlooked, of course, is the automatic Bassmaster Classic berth that goes to the winner: 

1st                             $100,000
2nd                                $34,000
3rd                                 $30,000
4th                                 $24,000
5th                                 $20,000
6th                                 $16,000
7th                                 $15,000
8th                                 $14,000
9th                                 $13,500
10th                               $13,000
11th                               $12,500
12th                               $12,000
13 – 51                         $11,000 each
52 – 60                           $5,000 each
61 – 70                           $4,500 each
71 – 109                         $3,500 each
Toyota Big Bass         $50,000 Toyota Truck