Dream bigger

As a kid, I always had dreams, the normal kid dreams I guess you could say. For example, I wanted to be in the Army.

One bit of advice I’ve held from long ago -- honestly I can't remember who told me this – is that I should dream bigger than my biggest dream.

At the time I couldn't relate to that because I was a kid. Now whoever that person was is a genius.

I had an opportunity as a child to learn something that truly made me a better man, and helped me complete my goals. To many my dreams seemed extremely unrealistic. To a few who believed, they saw a spark.

Although attempting to accomplish any dream, you will undoubtedly run into road blocks, challenging your desire or ability to accomplish this dream. I dream big because it makes me a better man, it makes me humble, it makes me want to be better.

So let's break that down -- dream bigger than your biggest dream.

Let’s say as a kid you want to be a firefighter, which at some point every kid wants to be. But don’t just dream to be any firefighter, dream to be the best firefighter, the one who becomes captain.

Don't ever settle for less, unless that's what you have to do. In some cases, I completely understand that the risk outweighs the reward. By having these dreams that were larger than life I was able to make my dream.

I dreamed bigger and tried to be the best at everything. I set goals that even I turned and looked at and thought were a little crazy. So I'm guessing at this point all of you are thinking I'm just talking about the Bassmaster Classic. I'm not.

Every aspect of life I dream bigger. For instance, I want to have my father’s gift for being strong, yet compassionate to others, for being an amazing father, role model, and friend.

I dream to have strengths like my mom, who is there for everyone’s needs. She is meaner than my dad, but yet she is such amazing mom, I wouldn't trade her for the world.

And from my brother, who has gone through so much. He’s an Iraqi War veteran and has such determination, he pushes me like no other.

I try my best to dream bigger and to take things from people who inspire me. These three people have inspired me to be a better man, to show love, to never quit and never back down.

I will not quit, and I will continue to dream bigger than big. This message is for everyone, but especially any kids out there who still have a chance to change.

Don't ever settle for less than what you deserve, surround yourself with people who will inspire and not put you down, and most of all dream bigger because more than likely if you do this you will accomplish your original dream that much easier.

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