Down to the wire — again

Just like last week at Lake Champlain, when Bryan Schmitt won by 8 ounces and four anglers finished within 2 pounds of the lead, this one is going down to the wire. BassTrakk isn’t the final word, it’s simply a clue, an estimate of the actual weights. So this one is too close to call between Justin Atkins, Taku Ito, Cory Johnston and Clark Wendlandt.

Last week, Schmitt caught the fish that put him over the top in the final 30 minutes, when he stopped on a channel marker buoy just outside the check-in area at Plattsburgh. The leaders are all on their way back Waddington after fishing either in Lake Ontario itself or not far from it. A last minute difference-making catch near Whittaker Park isn’t out of the question today.