DeFoe adds drama

Let the drama begin ... drumroll please. 

Ott DeFoe just added what he thinks to be a nearly 3 pounder to his weight. That bass moved him into second place, according to BASSTrak. He didn't have a keeper in the livewell until mid-morning, until after the consult with Gerald Swindle. 

Seth Feider just missed a bass on the hookset. We don't know the weight but he's hoping the swing and a miss doesn't come back to haunt him. 

And finally this. Alton Jones just wrapped up his day and is in the process of locking through and traveling back to the weigh-in. That will take 45 minutes. 

What all that means is Feider and DeFoe, the anglers ahead of him, have most of that extra 45 minutes to continue fishing. 

The weigh-in coming up has the potential to be the most dramatic of the season. What a way to go out!