Decision time

The day is progressively getting brighter which is a good thing for all the anglers. 

Smallmouth seem to love the sun and when it’s brighter they seem to pull up shallower. The more sun they get the more fuel they have and more they want to burn. 

The last few hours of today should be really interesting if this trend continues. 

Looking at BassTrakk no one seems to be distancing themselves from the pack. The door is open for virtually everyone. 

Two bites from Zaldain like those from the previous three days and he’s in the lead. That goes for Chris Johnston as well. 

The thing we are seeing is that as the day wears on we are starting to see those big black bodies swimming in shallower water. 

The more sun they get the blacker they get. 

From this point on it will boil down to who makes the right decisions and how well the execution for each plays out.

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