Davis fishes the cone

“When they are deep and hard to catch, that’s what I like the most.”

Those are the words of Mark Davis and the conditions are swinging in his favor. Davis is a skilled deep water angler, and long before electronics dummied up the formerly arduous task of finding offshore bass.

Earlier I predicted the largemouth bite will continue improving with the incoming, next weather front bringing warmer daytime temperatures and rain. The smallmouth bite might slow, but even so, there are largemouth in deep water too. The reason is a healthy population of baitfish.

Davis noted that other anglers are fishing over his fish.

“This lake is known as a finicky place for bass fishing, there’s nowhere else like it,” he said.

And then this nugget.

“I am not catching my bass in the middle of a wad of bait. They are just outside the school of bait.”

That is a key comment for the average angler to consider. Instead of taking the easy meal, the predator bass are sniping the bait from the outside edges.

“Keeping my bait inside the cone of the sonar is the trick,” he explained. “You can’t have the bait inside or too far outside of it.”

“What I’m doing is deep sight fishing and actually seeing my fish bite the bait."