Cox turns a corner

John Cox started the day in 5th on the leaderboard with 23 pounds, 14 ounces. Now, BassTrakk shows him in 4th with a weight of 9-4, for 4 keepers. This morning at the dock he told me that a rising water temperature was key to his success. He, along with the other largemouth anglers, are getting that as the temp reaches 50 degrees and higher.

"I'm waiting for the migration to begin," he said. "Yesterday, some fish began coming up, gradually, and it got better as the day went on."

He continued, "I caught a lot of non-keeper male largemouth, thinking maybe the females would run the same track."

After Steve Kennedy just caught a 6-pounder, there might be hope for the largemouth guys. After all, they are all competing against one angler. A smallmouth angler whose name is Jeff Gustafson.