Chris Lane had delayed start today

Chris Lane finished Day 2 in 14th place with 36 pounds 4 ounces. That's particularly exciting for the Alabama pro who has had an uncharacteristically tough season. He's 96th in Toyota Angler of the Year standings. This morning after the first flight departed (the top 25 anglers in the tournament), Lane remained in the take-off area. He was sitting in his boat, off by himself, looking kinda glum. So we trolled over to see if he was okay. We learned that Lane was in the penalty box and would not be departing until after the second flight was gone.

Yesterday he had run through a bridge, a no wake zone, and was doing his time for the infraction. "I love the penalty box, I just hate when I'm in it," he said.

It seems like all the Elites believe the penalty box is a good idea. It's certainly less damaging than having a full day's catch disqualified.

Lane was disappointed in his late start because he found fish yesterday that he believed would bite early today.