Chris Johnston catches No. 1

Chris Johnston spent the first hour slowly working through patch of reeds where the St. Johns River meets the north end of Lake George with only one swing and miss until about 8:45 a.m. After a brief battle, he lipped a bass that he estimates at 5 pounds. 

The catch maintains his first-place position, according to BASSTrakk. Scott Canterbury is estimated to be in second place with four bass for 7-4 today, with Bassmaster Elite Series legend Rick Clunn in third with two fish for 8-11.

Conditions have really changed, with heavy clouds moving in the wind switching from yesterday’s north wind to east-southeast. And the difference can be seen on BASSTrakk, with no limits logged at this point. Two anglers — Robbie Latuso and Patrick Walters — have  yet to catch a bass.