Championship Friday

It’s Championship day at the Bassmaster Eastern Open on the Kissimmee Chain, and it’s like no other in this three-day event.

I’m sitting on leader John Hunter bobbing up and down near an offshore grass bed.

The “bobbing” part is the big change. The last two days all these anglers have plied these waters in the calmest of calm conditions. The water has been a sheet of glass.

Today there is a steady 10 mile per hour wind coming out of the northeast. And it’s much cooler.

Expectations were that change might kick in a feeding spurt from these largemouth waiting for a clue that the spawn was ready to happen.

We’ve not seen any signs of a spurt so far. But it’s an easy assumption to make that with changes comes the opportunity for any one in the field to adjust and win this thing.

Hunter has put together the two most consistent days with an 18-pound average. The odds typically would be in his favor. But these lakes in Florida and the weather to date have been anything but typical.