And just like that Brandon Cobb smashes everything.

He just boated an 11 pounder that threw out a 3-pounder and that 9-pound lead that Chad Pipkens had yesterday now belongs to Cobb.

He caught that fish off a spawning bed, not out deep cranking. All of the sudden the plot thickens in a big way. He now has 35 pounds, 14 ounces on the day.

More than that, Dave Mercer believes the fish is the largest to ever be caught in 13 years Toyota Texas Fest competition. Worst case for him, Cobb has most likely won a new Toyota Tundra.

But it shows us that anything is possible on this lake. ‘

The wild side of this event, is getting wilder. As an example: Cobb has in his creel an 11-1, 8-13, and 8-8. Those three fish occupy the top three spots in today’s Toyota Tundra Big Bass standings.

With fish like that showing up there’s no way to guess what will happen tomorrow.