Blaylock making a move

Stetson Blaylock just added a 5-11 to his weight. He now has 18-12 for the day with plenty of room to move. His smallest is 2-11.

But that last fish was big in other ways. It moved Stetson to 11th place, just 1 ounce from moving into the top 10 and fishing on the final day. With the way big fish are moving and shaking up things, getting in that top 10 is important.

The prevailing feeling is it’s anyone’s game until the last cast is made. Stetson, you will recall, won the last event on Winyah Bay. And he does guide on this lake from time to time.

He has the knowledge on the lake and the all-important element of knowing how to win could play dividends by the time this is over.