Big bite turning on

The noon hour seems to be having its moments. Since 10:05 when Brandon Card caught a 6-11 things have just kind of rocked along without any big game changers, a 3- or 4-pounder here and one over there.

Then at 11:13 Chad Pipkens caught a 6-8. And we looked for the dam to burst.

It wasn’t until 11:52 a.m. when Bernie Schultz caught a 7-7 did we start seeing some real movement. At 11:56, Drew Benton added a 6-5, and at nooon Clifford Pirch caught a 7-2, followed closely by David Mullins with a 6-13.

In the last 20 minutes five fish have become part of our top 10 big fish of the day in the Toyota Tundra Big Bass List.

The big bite may be turning on.